Situated on Lake Rummelsburg, a small bay in the river Spree, in the city of Berlin, this houseboat gives you relaxing views of the water, as well as the city, but keeps you in close proximity to the city’s center. Part of the Welcome Beyond family of vacation rentals around the world, the Modern Houseboat offers two adults and two children a cozy place to stay on the lake while not leaving you in complete seclusion.

The entire front of the structure is covered with windows that open up to the bay and even give you views of the famous TV tower. By opening up in this direction, it helps you leave the bustling city behind while you stare out to the open water. The minimal interior helps to not distract you from the all-important view. Most of the simple furniture was custom-made for the property and these low to the ground sofas look perfect for napping while watching the ducks swim by.

The fireplace helps warm the boat in the winter. Don’t worry, the boat is also equipped with air conditioning for the hot summer months. Overall, the boat is about 60 square meters (or 645 square feet) of space featuring an open kitchen, a large living room with a retractable double bed and sofa, a shower room, a toilet, and a main bedroom complete with a double bed overlooking the water.


(layout placeholder – taken from designmilk by Caroline Williamson)


Architecture, Home Interiors


November 11, 2015